Jesus Loves Prisoners Member of The International Network of Prison Ministries

Below are some of the Jesus Loves Prisoners feedback received in the mail.

 HMP Hewell    Thank you for your publication Jesus Loves Prisoners. I can honestly say that it has had an enormous profound effect on me.

HMP Gartree I am very grateful for your inspirational booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners.  Please send a copy to my wife.

HMP Kennet.  Your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners was an inspiring read. I have turned towards goodness at last, I smile daily now.

HMP ? Your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners is a rare Gem.  You delve into the hearts of the reader and uncovers all the burdens and yokes that weigh them down daily and above all you recommend the remedy for each problem in the light of God’s word.

HMP ? The booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners is full of inspiration.  I have read over 500 books since I came to prison, there is something exceptionable about yours.

HMP Dartmoor.  Your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners has a personal and unique perspective. It gives us prisoners a nice calming reassurance that whatever we have done Jesus still loves us.  It would be nice if they were given out at arrival interviews. One of the few good things to happen in my imprisonment is my meeting with Jesus.

HMP Pentonville.  I finally got round to reading your Jesus Loves Prisoners and really enjoyed it, nice one. I thought that some of your arguments were very well constructed; I liked something in each section.

HMP Brixton I grabbed a copy of Jesus Loves Prisoners from the Chapel and have read every sentence with patience and zeal.  I cannot describe how filled, blessed and enlightened I feel as I write this letter.

HMP Cannings Wood.  I have found your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners to be very encouraging.  I have the only copy in this prison.  Can you send some more to our chaplain.  Of all the Christian literature I have come across Jesus Loves Prisoners is probably the best.

Istanbul Prison.  After reading Jesus Loves Prisoners I found that a lot is needed to be adjusted in my Christian life.  As a result of praying the prayer on page 31 I realised why I had not been getting it right.  I am writing to tell you that Jesus Loves Prisoners has had a positive impact on my life.

HMP Brixton I wrote earlier thanking you for Jesus Loves Prisoners.  I am a participant in a Bible Based course here in prison.  I find that many of the questions that are asked are so well answered by your booklet. I’m writing to ask if you can send 50/80 copies to our Chaplain.  (I did contact the chaplain and sent 50)

HMP Hull. Thank you for the Overcoming Series, especially Jesus Loves Prisoners.  It’s well set out, attractive design, easy to read and doesn’t pull any punches. I found the chapter on Unhealthy Shame to be very relevant to my life both as a victim and offender.  In my opinion it’s the best evangelistic tool for prisoners that I’ve ever seen.  That’s not flattery Ken.  It’s certainly very popular here.  Many copies have been put out and taken.

HMP Bure Thank you for your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners, I’ve sent copies to Christian Brothers in three other prisons.

HMP Woodhill Thank you very much for your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners.  I used some of the prayers inside and pray that you will continue to help others.

HMP Stoke Heath  I’ve started reading you booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners but some pages are missing.  Can you please send me a new copy.

HMP Glenochil.  Thank you for your letter and Jesus Loves Prisoners, they really lifted my spirit. Chapter 12 actually encouraged me to attend our church service for the first time.  The chapter on second hand Christians has made me rethink many of my beliefs.

HMP Wakefield. I have just finished reading Jesus Loves Prisoners.  It has been an uplifting Experience that has completely changed my life.  I have never felt so young at the ripe old age of 69.

HMP Wakefield.  Thank you for the privilege of reading Jesus Loves Prisoners.  I hope you get plenty of encouraging letters from other prisoners whose hearts have be touched as much as mine.

HMP Glen Ochil  The amendments are hitting the mark, especially –‘ If you are waiting to come out of prison to be free you will never be free.  But if you can become free in your heart while you are in prison then you will always be free’  This has happened to me and many of the lads on the wing, for the first time in our sentences we are happy, content and confident.  Hope is abundant.

HMP Hewell.  Thank you for the opportunity to read Jesus Loves Prisoners , it has opened my eyes.  My sister died recently and I didn’t know what to do until I read your book.  I can now talk to Jesus about my problems.

HMP Swaleside.  I get a lot of comfort from listening to UCB and am just reading Jesus Loves Prisoners; both have helped me a lot.

 HMP Pentonville. I want to thank you for the booklet you wrote, Jesus Loves Prisoners.  It was very inspirational and I have now made the commitment to my Father God.

HMP Holloway.  Wow ! I was a semi- believer but your booklet has helped me untold.

HMP Swaleside.  Your Jesus Loves Prisoners was inspirational and insightful. I was greatly uplifted reading it.

Just released to Derby.  I enjoyed reading Jesus Loves Prisoners while in prison.

HMP Guernsey. I have read your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners several times over the last 16 months. It is a real inspiration to me.

HMP Woodhill. I’ve just completed your Jesus Loves Prisoners.  What can I say? It was, and still is, one of the most powerful things I’ve read.

HMP Bedford.  I read your booklet Jesus Loves Prisoners and it has really helped me stop feeling suicidal.

HMP Wakerfield. I have just finished reading Jesus Loves Prisoners.  Every page I read has been very spiritual uplifting. Every page describes me, as I was a lost sheep that has found the good shepherd.

Yeldall Manor, I was filled with the Holy spirit in prison after reading the booklet, I have heard its helped others too, I now work in Yeldall Manor, a rehab I was released to. I would like to get some more of the booklets please, is this possible?